• Ceramic Flat Irons

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    Magic Mane® Flat Irons are made to style without damaging your hair!  They get hot and stay hot for easier styling.  Finally an easy to use, fun, faster flat iron thats built to last.  How, you ask?  The boring, uhhhh, we mean, technical, stuff is below.

    Magic Mane® Flat Irons feature 1.25” ceramic plates & negative ion technology to quickly and easily style without damaging your tresses.   Ergonomically designed for comfort, with an 8ft swivel cord for ease in maneuverability, Magic Mane Flat Irons also boast being aesthetically pleasing with great durability.  Multiple customers have praised their flat irons stating that they still work like new after 5-6 years of continued use. 

    Other Magic Mane Flat Iron features include: 

    •176°-450°f temperature ranges with microchips to ensure that temperature remains where you set it without fluctuating. 

    • Floating ceramic plates 

    • 4 beautiful colors: black, pink, purple & teal  

    • Comes in A durable  container that closes magnetically to protect your flat iron during storage and travel. 

    •  Backed by Magic Mane’s® Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & 5 star customer service!